Defining a Survivalist
What is Survivalism? by Meg Ryan
What is Survivalism? by Douglas Good
Survivalism Gets a Bad Rap! by Meg Raven
Defining The True Meaning of Preparedness by Jonathan Byrne
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Defining a Survivalist?

A survivalist is someone who seeks to control the impact of major crisis that could affect their way of life. Crisis can range from localised natural disasters such as bushfires, cyclones or floods to the complete collapse of society as we know it. Crisis can also be more mundane such as the loss of income due to retrenchment or loss of a job.

Whatever the crisis or reasons for becoming involved in survivalism, the preparing a controlled response is key.

It has been estimated that a single edition of a daily newspaper today contains more world news that most individuals would be exposed to in a lifetime in the 17th century. We live in an information age and in order to cope with the sheer volume of information and influences on our lives we delegate some of the responsibility to others. We believe that by paying taxes and electing a government that politicians will ensure that we have power to our homes, clean water to drink and food to purchase. The reality is that this is a house of cards. The systems to bring food from the farm to your table are so complex and interdependent that if one system fails the impact is felt at every level.

This also leads to a malaise with regard to how events effect us. For example someone is injured in your immediate family, everyone is immediately concerned. Two people are killed in your town and it makes the front pages, 20 people are killed in the state, 100 killed somewhere else in the country, 1000 killed in Indonesia, 10,000 killed in turkey, 100,000 killed in China.

An example of this is the gas explosion at the ESSO plant in Victoria. A single fault cut the supply of gas to almost the entire state and it was several weeks before it was fully restored. The cost to business was enormous and the impact on consumers almost as great. We have recently learned that a CLASS action suit is to brought against the oil giant, this shows how dependent businesses etc were on the supply of gas and just how much they suffered when the supply was cut. Its also shows just how people just want to blame others for their problems instead of taking some responsibility and being prepared.

A survivalist is simply someone who recognises that we should take personal responsibility for some of these systems.

It is interesting that survivalists are among the strongest supporters of environmental protection causes, are at the forefront of exposing potential distastes, and are at the forefront of protecting civil and consumer rights

The five articles linked to this page are the best explanations of what a survivalist/survivalism is that I have found on the net.


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