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Fuel Storage

One of the most asked questions is 'how do I store fuel for long periods' that is if people know that fuel deteriorates over time at all. Fuelkleenik below is an Australian innovation worth of considering. The following link is also a must visit Long-Term Fuel Storage.

"Prolonging the life of stored diesel fuel and reversing the effects of its ageing is now a reality, thanks to an Australian discovery which is attracting world wide interest. The Fuel Stability Foam, known as FUELKLEENIK, has been found capable of maintaining high purity of distillate fuels during long term storage. The properties of the foam were discovered in 1986 by research scientists at Australia's Defence Department's Aeronautical & Maritime Research Laboratories. The technology was licensed in 1989 to Joyce Australia, this country's largest speciality foam manufacturer."

Now available from: http://www.fueltreat.com.au/

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Military Field Manuals

A lot of people have shown an interest in military field manuals (see FM 5-103 for those sneaky grenade holes in the bottom of your foxhole), unfortunately, I have not found any internet links to Australian manuals but the US ones can be found at the Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library (ADTDL), an electronic "library without walls". The ADTDL is the single repository of approved Army training and doctrine information.

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator

As those interested in wind power will know a vertical axis generator is much more efficient in low wind conditions (ie. much of Australia). The following Australian company has developed a very interesting product worth investigating. According to their blurb:

"Satec Pty Ltd is dedicated to the development of renewable energy systems for remote areas and third world countries. Our current work lies primarily in the research and development of an innovative vertical axis wind turbine for power generation in low wind velocity regimes. Such a turbine would replace a current limitation in renewable energy systems, providing the economy of wind power with increased availability. Our technology incorporates totally unique concepts set to revolutionise your perception of wind energy!"

Find them at SATEC Home Page and OBRT - Satec.

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No Batteries Required - Compressed Air Generator

The jury is still out on this form of generating and storing electricity (compressed air versus batteries). However, I believe it is worth keeping an eye on to see how the product develops. So take a look at Linear Energy - Totally Clean Energy.

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Water Tube

Tree-planting is big business with literally millions of trees planted every month for commercial production, recreational landscaping and environmental regeneration. Up until the invention of the self water tree-guard by Water Tube Pty Ltd., the biggest problem facing tree planters has been keeping them alive for the first six months. The Water Tube combines two old ideas in an innovative manner, which its inventor believes offers the potential of up to 100 per cent survival rates and improved growth on newly planted trees of all sorts. See WaterTube - The unique self watering plant guard for further information.

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Collecting clean fresh rainwater from the roof of your home is now possible with RainCatcher, which is more than a domestic water tank. You can forget about paying for bottled water or tap filters to find that fresh taste of water, as the unit's unique design separates the atmospheric and roof pollutants from the water without using chemicals. It has taken George Hart four years of research and development.

RainCatcher Australia

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ABC Innovations Program

I have found this program to be an unexpected source of great ideas and information. Well worth a look every now and again.

Radio Australia - Innovations

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Australian Army 'Bushranger Project'

ADI Limited has been confirmed as the major Australian supplier of military and specialist vehicles to the Australian Defence Force following the selection of its Bushmaster combat vehicle for the Australian Army's Project Bushranger.

1998BUSHMSTR.JPG (13446 bytes)

ADI will supplying 341 of these to the Australian Army at a cost of around $460,000 each. So it will take a lotto win for me to afford one. Anyone remember the movie 'Damnation Alley'? I have always had a soft spot for something like this. At the moment I am only looking for an old Land Cruiser or ex-army Land Rover to fulfil my transport needs.

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Capilano Medical Honey

See: MediHoney

In 1999 Queensland honey manufacturer Capilano launched the world's first medically approved honey for use on wounds and burns.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved registration of the honey for its high antibacterial activity, which is claimed to successfully combat persistent, drug-resistant infections.

New Zealand biochemist Professor Peter Molan, from the University of Waikato's honey research centre, said at the launch in Brisbane today that scientists were rediscovering an ancient remedy.

"Honey has been used as a salve for wounds for thousands of years," he said.

"It"s really been in use as an antibacterial right up to World War Two, when antibiotics came in.

"Now the antibiotic era is over, with all the problems of resistance, it's starting to be researched more."

Prof Molan turned up more than 50 reports in the medical literature over the past ten years of honey succeeding as a treatment for leg ulcers, abscesses, burns, and eye problems such as blepharitis and conjunctivitis.

His own research has shown that the antibacterial properties of honey from the Leptospermum tree can defeat even MRSA and VRE, drug resistant forms of hospital acquired infection.

Capilano Honey Limited today announced a "limited release" sterilised product, Medihoney, would go on sale at Terry White Chemists in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia at $19.95 for a 50 g tube.

National operations manager Anthony Moloney said supply was limited because the Australian Leptospermum found in Department of Primary Industries tests to have the highest antibacterial activity, flowers for only a short period in the year.

Bee-keepers in a coastal area of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, centred on Grafton and Lismore, are being paid by Capilano to track down accessible Leptospermum, now dwindling because of the growth of national parks.

Although "jelly bush" or Leptospermum honeys have a reputation as a folk remedy, Mr Moloney claims that many products sold in health foods stores are inactive against bacteria.

While the TGA has approved Medihoney as an antibacterial, it stopped short of allowing Capilano to claim superior potency.

Prof Molan meanwhile has set up a pilot clinical trial at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, to compare Leptospermum honey with other honeys including a completely inactive placebo.

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Edible Vaccine Plants

[ED] What opportunities/threats might this pose for survivalists?

Victorian scientists have grown plants which can successfully immunise mice against measles in a development which could replace the need for injected vaccines.

The breakthrough by researchers from the Alfred Hospital to create an edible measles vaccine has spurred them on to start work on an HIV vaccine, according to a report in today's Age.

Director of the Alfred Hospital infectious diseases unit, Professor Steve Wesselingh, told the Age that the process had been successfully trialed on mice, giving them immunity to measles after feeding them the genetically altered tobacco plants for four weeks.

He said the next step was to replicate the tests on monkeys before attempting them on humans.

Prof Wesselingh said tobacco plants were initially used only because they grew quickly and that he envisaged developing more palatable fruits and vegetables with the same immunological characteristic.

"Ultimately we should be looking at the possibility of a whole heap of viral illnesses in which vaccines could be given orally and grown cheaply," he said.

Work started on the plant-based vaccines three years ago and the first of the vaccine plants were grown by the CSIRO in Adelaide.

Mice that ate the genetically altered plants developed an immunity to measles after a few weeks and reportedly showed no side-effects from their diet of genetically altered plant material.

Prof Wesselingh said measles was chosen for the pioneering experiment because about a million children still died each year from the disease, mainly in developing countries.

The drawbacks of injectable vaccines were that they required refrigeration, were costly to manufacture and they needed trained medical staff to administer the injections.

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Killer Mousepox Virus

A new virus which destroys the immune system has been unexpectedly created by Australian scientists who are now calling for an urgent toughening of the global Biological Weapons Convention. Their fear is that terrorists could use the breakthrough to develop killer human viruses. It's a secret that's been kept for more than two years, however, a report on the discovery has been published in this month's Journal of Virology after the researchers decided that informing the public, governments and the world scientific community would be the best way to prevent such misuse. The discovery was made at the Co-operative Research Centre for the Biological Control of Pest Animals, as part of work to develop a biological contraceptive which would halt mouse and rat plagues and the damage they cause to the global food supply.

CONTACT: Dr Bob Seamark,

Chief Executive Officer, CRC for the Biological Control of Pest Animals,
PO Box 284,
Canberra, ACT 2601.

INTERNATIONAL TEL : +61 2] 6242 1728 FAX : +61 2] 6242 1511

E-mail: bob.seamark@pestanimal.crc.org.au

Website: www.pestanimal.crc.org.au

Website Mouse Virus: http://genetech.csiro.au/MouseVirus.html

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Greener Energy System (Propane) Generators

A revolution in the way electrical power is produced and distributed is being forecast by a NSW company, Powerline Systems. Their technology is based on a quiet, clean, reliable and intelligent power unit and is seen as an attractive alternative to power from the grid. The Sydney-based company has perfected a natural gas or LPG-fuelled generator that can supply an entire home's energy needs at 50 per cent less than conventional power. Already in operation at the jet airport in the Victorian snowfields, the units have been shown by independent tests to produce only 10-20 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions normally produced by coal-fired power stations.

Chief Executive Officer, Powerline Systems Pty Ltd.,
26-32 Kent Road,
Mascot, NSW 2020.

INTERNATIONAL TEL : +61 2] 8338 0811 FAX : +61 2] 8383 0128

2003 UPDATE: It is believed that Powerline GES went into voluntary liquidation and no longer exists. However, the product may still become available from CMC, see: http://www.cmcpower.com/html/electricity/household.asp.

Website: www.powerlinesystems.com.au

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Vanadium Redox Batteries

The technology may eventually allow electric cars to be refuelled at future versions of today's petrol stations, doing away with the need to routinely replace bulky batteries or spend hours recharging them from power mains. The vanadium redox battery is the result of 15 years' research by Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, of the university's School of Chemical Engineering and Industry Chemistry.

Dr Malcolm Jacques, the managing director of Pinnacle, a Melbourne-based company which has bought the patents to commercialise the technology, said the batteries would be far more efficient and reliable than conventional lead-acid batteries. The new battery stores power in tanks of vanadium sulphate dissolved in sulphuric acid. Found in Western Australia, vanadium is a metal used to make   stainless steel.

Dr Jacques explained that when a vanadium battery runs down, the owner merely has to drain the discharged liquid and refill the tank. "You can think of electric cars, forklifts and airport tugs," he said. "Once you run out of electricity, you would pull into a filling station and pump in fresh liquid."

The initial demand would be to power farms, Aboriginal communities, mines and remote equipment such as communications relay stations, with the batteries storing electricity produced by wind or solar generators. "They would displace diesel generators, which would be good news for environment."

Dr Jacques said vanadium batteries could abolish the need for building expensive power stations that have to be big enough to meet a town's needs for a few peak hours every day but are then turned down as demand declines.

Dr Jacques hoped the first vanadium batteries for use in remote regions would be available in 18 months. They would be dearer to buy than lead-acid versions but, with no corrosion, they would last longer. They would be cheaper over their life cycle, lasting five to seven years. With lead-acid you would be lucky to get two years," he said.

Dr Jacques said the batteries could become a major export earner for Australia, with a world market for industrial batteries "in the order of $10 billion a year".

Advantages of Vanadium redox Flow Batteries include:

  • The solutions have an indefinite life so only the mechanical components need replacement at the end of their life.
  • Instant recharge is possible by replacing the spent electrolytes which makes the system ideal for electric vehicle applications.
  • The system capacity can be increased by increasing the volume of solution.
  • The vanadium battery can be fully discharged without any detrimental effects.
  • The cost per kWh decreases as the energy capacity increases, making large scale applications cost effective.
  • The system can operate between restricted voltage ranges by the use of trim cells.
  • The capacity of the whole system can be monitored in line by monitoring the state of charge of the electrolytes.
  • The vanadium battery system is environmentally friendly since no waste products are produced.


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Sundance Generator

These Technologies May Make Your Life Much Easier

The jury is still out on this one but it may well be worth checking out. The literature seems to indicate that it is in production and will produce 4 to 5 times more electricity that is used to drive the motor.


When a conventional motor or generator has a core winding failure you must either re-wind it or throw it away and get another one.   Either way it means down time.

What you see is The Sundance generator. It is the world's first generator that has cores that can be removed and replaced while it's making power!

You'll see this hot swapping procedure on the free look videos viewable here or in the free look kit.

There are 15 cores each producing 2KW (Killowatts) so the total output is 30 KW.  That's about 3 times the load your home might demand if you turned everything on, or about 15 times the nominal (average) load.

The Driver is the 50 HP Hummingbird Motor.  Incredibly it is only 1/5th the physical size of a conventional 40 hp motor, thus revolutionary on that basis alone.

But most Amazing and Earth Shaking, it's 4000% efficient, which means that the output power is greater than the electricity applied by a factor of 40 to 1.

Since we can take some of the extra energy output and use it to run the the motor you have what can be termed a "perpetual motion machine" (virtually), since as Dennis explains, in order to have perpetual motion, all you need is a perpetual energy source.

Since these are both "permanent magnet devices", the source comes from the magnetic and gravitational forces we all enjoy as we walk around on the planet.  The power is virtually perpetual since gravity and magnetism are virtually perpetual.

If you take a magnet and stick it on the refrigerator,  is work being done?  The magnet has weight yet it doesn't fall to the floor?  There is no glue between the metal and the magnet yet it defies gravity - virtually forever.  Work is being done constantly with no apparent source of energy.   The magnet seems to provide its own energy.

You can also see this technology demonstrated and shown to produce more than is a applied in viewable here or in the tape named "The Alternative" also found in the free look kit.

There's no need to pollute the earth by burning fossil fuels, or coal, or by making deadly nuclear waste with nuclear power.


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Lutec 1000

Here is an Australian over unity device that by all accounts works well. It is an improvement on the Sundance Generator in that it does not require a motor to run!



The Australian inventors have spent five years developing a new technology, which is expressed in an invention registered with the Australian patent office and protected in one hundred and fifty countries through a P.C.T. International patent application.

The invention is a new motor, which is able to produce more output energy in useable torque, than the amount of energy it requires to run itself. Something that scientists worldwide have been attempting to do for centuries, has now been done in Australia. Free energy, or as the inventors prefer to call it, super high efficiency, is here.

The inventors have in support of their patent claims irrefutable evidence that can be proven physically, mathematically and theoretically.

At no point does the motor offend existing thermodynamic laws and principles. It is NOT perpetual motion, it IS a far more efficient way of utilising what has always been available, no energy is created, no magic is used, just sound basic principles, and common sense being applied to extract more from what has always been available, and use it better, than in the past.

There are proof of concept prototypes and a pre production prototype Lutec 1000 generator completed. Technical and general details of performance follow. The inventors have no wish for their work, which has been five years in the making, to become a sideshow for the curious, but invite serious investors or their representatives, along with their suitably qualified experts, to be satisfied as to the veracity of the inventor’s claims.

June 2000 - the Lutec 1000 now has its own website http://www.lutec.com.au/ check it out for the latest info.

Here is the latest image of the engine.

magnetic generator
Alternative News Network, Cairns, tropical north Queensland, Australia
Aussie OU motor - 03/21/01
Lutec 1000 deluged with offers - 03/30/01
WO00028656A1.tif Page 1 - Patent Docs

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