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Some Cool Links

Prepare 2 Survive - Australia now has an online specialty retailer of outdoor survival and emergency preparedness products. They stock well known brands including Benchmade, AlpineAire, Mainstay, SureFire, Leatherman, Gerber etc etc the list goes on. What is more they owners are happy to try and track down other pieces of equipment and supplies for you. We recommend you take a look.

Welcome to ModernSurvival.net, Independence Publishing, Inc. Jim Benson the former editor of the American Survival Guide has developed an online magazine 'Modern Survival'. The magazine has a wealth of articles of interest to all survivalists. At approximately AUD$35 for a twelve month subscription we consider it well worth it.

The Coming Dark Age. You will view society just a little differently after visiting this very informative site. Marc provides a great deal of information to show that society is headed for a collapse if we do not do something.

Joel Skousen's Web Site - I came across this site after a post on the message board, however, I have been searching for it in relation to two books written by Joel - The Secure Homes and Strategic Relocation. Check it out for his best of Foreign and Domestic Briefs.

Y2K Survival, Disaster Preparedness, Food Storage and Shelters - This is a link to a site promoting a book by Philip L. Hoag titled "No Such Thing As Doomsday". The excerpts provided would indicate it should be one to include in the library.

Find thousands of unique products for a simple lifestyle from Lehmans.com. Click here. For over forty years Lehman's have served the local Amish community and others seeking a simpler and more self-sufficient lifestyle. Since many live "off the grid," they specialise in products that don't require electricity: Hand-powered kitchen appliances, homesteading tools, grain mills, cheese-making supplies, composting toilets, oil lamps and gas lights, water pumps and filters, gas refrigerators, wood-burning stoves, and much more. Many of the items date to the 1800s.

Since 1978 they have published the "Non-Electric Heritage Catalogue." Its 160 pages are packed with 2500 non-electric tools, appliances and housewares used in Amish farms and kitchens. It's been editorially endorsed by Country Journal, Organic Gardening, Healthy and Natural, and Mechanics Illustrated.

Seedsavers - Seedsavers are back on the net. This is one of the best sites for obtaining rare and non-hybrid seeds in Australia. Seedsavers also publish the must-have book 'The Seedsavers Handbook'. This is a complete reference for growing, preparing and conserving traditional varieties of food plants. It was written especially for Australian and New Zealand conditions.

Jade Mountain - This is a great site. Although you may not want to order the products from the US they have found the best of the best and you can use the information to source them locally. I ordered the catalogue and have found it invaluable.

http://www.millennium-ark.net/ I am always interested to find other Australian sites that touch on survival issues. One such site is that owned by Stan and Holly Deyo who until recently lived in Ballarat, VIC (as of 2001 they now live in Colorado). Stan is the author of several books on biblical prophecies and along with his better half Holly have a good collection of information on survival topics. They have also taken to try and locate Australian sources for items such as canning supplies.

Emergency Management Australia - EMA is the Commonwealth Government agency with the responsibility of reducing the impact of natural and man-made disasters on the Australian community. They are also the lead Federal agency responsible for disaster response.

BARRACUDA Technologies AB - Oh Man I want one, check out this site for the best camouflage and deception system I have found. Defeats near and thermal infrared, radar, ultraviolet etc. Best of all there is an Australian distributor, albeit, I do not know if they will sell direct to the public.

Frugal's Backdoor Library & File Directory - This would have to be the best list of files (text) that I have found on all aspects of survivalism.


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