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Climate Change

Here are a couple of files I found recently on the impact of climate changes on Australia produced by the CSIRO. They make particularly interesting reading.

Climate Change - Impacts for Australia [PDF], CSIRO 2001

Climate Change - Projections for Australia [PDF], CSIRO 2001

Also check out this great website: Climate Change

Below are a couple of maps produced by the University of Toronto showing one view of sea-level rises due to polar ice melts.

sealevelchanges.jpg (34009 bytes)
sealevelchangesb.jpg (3370 bytes)

The figures are computer simulations of what happens to sea levels in the event of ice sheet melts near the Northern or Southern poles. The blue colours show a drop in sea level while the red and orange colours show a rise.

The top image shows the impact on sea level when polar ice sheets in the Antarctic are melted. The blue colour indicates a decrease in sea level near the Antarctic while it also shows a corresponding rise in sea level in the Northern Hemisphere.

The bottom image shows the effect on sea level when the polar ice sheets of Greenland are melted. The sea level decreases around Greenland but rises in the Southern Hemisphere.

The image below shows the low areas on the Australian mainland and whilst sea levels will probably not rise to this extent it does highlight the areas that will be affected by flooding, storm surges, cyclones etc (these appear as green and blue).


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